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The Blog deals with information about is there any cure for HIV? If that is how and where?

HIV– What is hiv? Human immunodeficiency virus is often called in short form as HIV. These virus will cause a stat of health problem called AIDS. ( Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome )

AIDS– What is aids? AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – a stat of health when body will be in a position with CD4 Count will drop down to less than 200. That time the immune system will be infected and body will be thrown to gems with out any protection.  HIV Causes aids.

HIV CURE– what is HIV Cure? Curing HIV Through treatment is called HIV Cure. Allopathic treatment says HIV Can be cured, while holistic people believe that HIV Can be cured easily. 

Last year we have seen a Chicago post-news that some scientists engineered an enzyme which attacks the DNA of the HIV virus and cuts it out of the infected cell, according to the study published in Science magazine.

The enzyme is still far from being ready to use as a treatment, the authors warned, but it offers a glimmer of hope for the more than 40 mln people infected worldwide.

HIV TREATMENT– HIV Treatment is teh process of curing HIV. That is very important in curing HIV. This can be used to kill or oust HIV From body.

CURE FOR HIV– What is cure for hiv? Unlike HIV Cure here person can monitor hiv curing process in your body. Current treatments focus on suppressing the HIV virus in order to delay the onset of AIDS and dramatically extend the life of infected patients. No allopathic treatment is successful in removing virus form infected body while holistic treatment can do that easily. 

In allopathic way they claim different- With the latest advances in treatment, doctors have discovered that they can successfully neutralize the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The so-called ‘combination therapy’ prevents HIV from mutating and spreading, allowing patients to rebuild their immune system to the same levels as the rest of the population. But if we go for an honest think all these are useless as HIV can over come this easily. 

AIDS CURE– What is aids cure? Curing of a patient who is suffering the last stage of life through AIDS whose CD4 will be lower than 200 and patient with opportunistic diseases. It needs a combination treatment and must treat for opportunistic diseases along with that OF  HIV . This is different from cure for aids. It is assured that if a patient willing to undergo Holistic HIV Treatment he can cure himself even in the stage of AIDS. His hiv will be ousted out of his body and CD4 Count will be up in months to normal. 

CURE FOR AIDS– What is cure for aids? The wide spectrum of treatment together can be called cure for aids. When a treatment actually kills HIV and save the life of a person who is suffering from AIDS (CD4 Under 200) we can call that treatment as cure for aids. 

As we said earlier the latest TRE Enzime  has ability to recognize HIV’s DNA might one day help overcome one of the biggest obstacles to finding a cure: the ability of the HIV virus to avoid detection by reverting to a resting state within infected cells which then cease to produce the virus for months or even years.

‘Numerous attempts have been made to activate these cells, with the hope that such strategies would sensitize the accompanying viruses to antiviral drugs, leading to virus eradication,’ Engelman wrote

HIV AIDS CURE–  What do we mean -hiv aids cure? The wide spectrum treatment that kills HIV and cure the infection along with curing AIDS in the body and mean time that must elevate the count of CD4 in body too. Then we can called this as HIV AIDS CURE. It cured both together. 

CURE FOR HIV INFECTION– What is cure for hiv infection? The cure for HIV is the same cure for HIV infection. But when we differentiate HIV from its infection the term of cure will be more applicable to this. Curing HIV is not meaningful. We are not curing the virus we are curing its infection in body. 

HOLISTIC Treatment can cure HIV completely. Even though allopathic doctors claim great break through , through allopathic system we can’t cure HIV. 

NEW HIV CURE– There are many new cures for HIV. But only alternative cures are useful. Allopathic cures are finding their way to dust bins. Here are the new alternative HIV Cures below. New research in this field often come with new HIV Cures but most of them are not even useful to test in first stage. Now days allopathic new HIV Cures are simply eating TAX Payers money for nothing.

ALTERNATE HIV CURE– What are the alternative HIV Cures? Other than allopathic medicines many other alternate medical systems are helping to treat HIV. When one of it cures HIV Then we can say that alternative treatment can cure HIV. Mainly they are as follows. 

The alternative treatment will also include Chinese HIV treatment. 

     HERBAL HIV CURE– What is herbal HIV Cure? It is Ayurvedic treatment and is originated in India. Herbals can kill virus and can save the immunity. They are useful in many other ways. No side effects for herbals medicines normally. 

     HOLISTIC HIV CURE– What is Holistic HIV Cure? This is a combination of Bio-magnetic treatment and herbals. No side effects for holistic treatment normally. The bio-magnetic force will oust HIV out of body while herbals will boost immunity. Success is assured in this combine treatment.


Stage1- Day 1St  TO 50 Days- This stage the action of HIV- viral RNA and several copies of reverse transcriptase will be stopped due to the negative charge of the cell- This action is like the anti-retrovirus action of Phospho nylmethoxyethyl. 

But the negative charge will virtually repel the negatively charged Glycoprotein -gp 120 protein- husk of the HI Virus type 1 and 2. This protein is being used by HIV to attach to CD4 And CD8- If the negative charged protein is repelled then   the HIV-Virus- will lose the grip on CD4 and CD8 – And due the repelling properties of this gp120 against the negative charged cell membrane HIV will lose its all attachments as well as resources to reproduce through CD4.

HIV then can’t complete the life cycle, so will be matured fast then will lose the momentum due to the break in the life cycle. They will be half dead as inactive. Then the continued negative charge will oust them through excretion. 

In other cases- all cell membranes will be negative- and will start to repel the HIV- Virus . In short the virus will never find a place to stay in body- Soon will be ousted out in half dead and immobilize  manner as its RNA will be destroyed  due to the delay in  process of reverse transcriptase  

Obviously one CD4 will never repel another CD4 or CD8 or other cells of body- As body as a protein called Interferon- The communication between cells will be done through that protein. So the repelling effect will be nullified. 

INDIA CASE STUDY- With in FIRST 50 days- we find 75% of virus will be immobilized- while with in next 30 TO 50  days other 25% virus also will be ousted out.- Case Tested in 10 fresh HIV cases (April to July- 2005 in India )- By Doctor R-kumar 

Stage2- 50 To 100 Days – The HIV- Will be ousted out completely from body- Then the Immune system will be restored- The damaged CD4 And CD8 cells will be dissolved and new CD4 or CD8 will be formed. Herbals are to be used for this- Mean time vital organs will be intact of the left over of the ultimate war between HIV and human immune system. 

AFTER 100 DAYS– After treatment is over- 100 days are over- The  Patient can be subjected to P24 Core protein Tests to find HIV Virus- Or Use HIV Culture tests to isolate virus- and can find them negative. 

Antibodies will continue in body -They will not be ousted and will show positive to antibody tests. Like Smallpox antibodies in human body, HIV- Antibody can also be seen even with out HIV-Virus- in that human body. In some cases (up to 80% cases) we find Antibodies are disappearing after a year or so. 

How The Patient will feel in Holistic Treatment?- After 30 days of use you can feel your general HIV symptoms are very much reduced. You will start to gain weight and also your lose motion or itching etc will be cured or very much reduced. And in 70 to 100 days all these symptoms will be completely gone.

After 70 days you feel your CD4 come up and up.. with more healthy CD4 and CD8 cells will replace the damaged cells ( In AVR therapy these cells will be damaged). You can check the CD4 count to understand how much you have progressed. 

After 100 days- Go and check the P24 Antigen core protein for HIV and will find NEGATIVE . Also can perform HIV Culture tests  that isolated HIV- Virus- and you will find that is negative or no HIV- Virus- you will find in the body. 

Through all these ways you can feel the effect of cure- You can feel how much you are cured and thing like that.  

After 100 days you can live like a normal man- NO AVR or any other medicines or treatment will be required then on words- You must not use AVR or any HIV related medicines while you take this treatment- That is a must.   

Others– Let us finish this post by adding 2 more lines. The disease HIV is not dangerous than the approach towards it. HIV Patients are human being and we must consider that. We must treat them with due respect.


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